Encompassing a wide variety of design skills, LEMUN DIGITAL produces beautifully crafted creatives. Our aim is to make you stand out from the crowd so you can rely on us for eye catching mobile app, web design, interface, corporate identity, print and packaging design, illustrations and animations.


LEMUN DIGITAL is playing not only with creatives but also with development. From simple landing pages to more complex web based systems, our developers aim to maximise the reach and effectiveness of our client's businesses and profiles. We know the right technologies!

Mobile Apps

Nowadays mobile technologies are a must. And fortunately they are our specialty! We at LEMUN DIGITAL can produce stunning mobile apps both for iOS and Android. Each screen is designed with passion in a way to look like it's born on a dreamworld.


Designing a website is an important visible aspect of every business, therefore we at LEMUN DIGITAL will help you make an impact in the online world because being Internet popular should be one of your primary goals. We provide wide variety of services from WordPress websites to complicated and custom web systems.

Startup Production

If you just launched your business and you still don't have a clear idea about your vision and concept for presentation over the Internet community, we are a team of specialists who can help! We work with funded startup teams and help them to reach their goals.

Digital Healthcare

Energistically benchmark focused growth strategies via superior supply chains and services. Compellingly reintermediate mission-critical potentialities whereas cross functional scenarios. The re-engineer distributed processes without standardized supply chains.

How we work?

We design products, packaging and user experiences with a unique research-based process i call Informed Creativity. Our work has been recognised with multiple international awards and widely covered in the press.

received inquiry

STEP 1. Client Brief, Scope and Estimate

Meet to define the project, the preliminary: budget, resources & schedule. Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, treats (risk) for your project.

STEP 2. The creative brief: beginning the story

Generating a clear & creative brief that points out all the imaginative challenges, limitations and technical specifications. Client approve brief and sets expectations.

STEP 3. Final preparations

Inner organization and project run down. Estimate broken into hours/days. Setting up all the milestones. Follow up with the client in regards to any outstanding issues.

STEP 4. Yes, we can start now

Client kick off meeting. Distribution of the approved project and creative brief along with the schedule and technical specifications. Work starts.

STEP 5. The creative process

During the creative phase everyone works as a team. Team leader keeps track of the master schedule and overall resource costs. Client is constantly informed and happy.

STEP 6. The production process

The creative team plays a huge role in our production process, but the developing team makes the project alive. Together they translate the visual and verbal roots into a part of our creative dream-world.

STEP 7. The project is almost done

The project is almost done. Delivered to the quality assurance team – attention to craft. Forward to client for feedback.

STEP 8. The project is done!

The project is complete and out the door, but the work is not yet done. Completing the financial worksheets, reviewing invoices and insuring all bills are correct.

Become an agent

If you want to become a sales agent, this is your chance. We at LEMUN DIGITAL are in search of talented and experienced salespersons to join us as agents in further exploring new lands. We are looking for real champions and no chancers. As a sales agent in our family, you have a chance to earn unlimited income while you are a boss to yourself.

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